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Important Messages
Congratulations to all our families who reached 1,000 books this year. Our annual celebration took place November 4, 2017 to acknowledge our great readers! We look forward to another year of reading wonderful books and seeing you at the award ceremony in 2018.

Logging may be done by of quantity of books. Titles may be entered but are optional. Also, you may add a quantity to an individual title if you reread it multiple times instead of logging the same title over and over.

What books count?
All books your child has read or listened to may be logged, whether from the library or home. Books may be logged if they were read by parents, librarians, daycare providers, and older siblings. The same book may be logged as many times as you read it.
How long does it take to read 1,000 books?
1 book per day for 3 years = 1,000 books
10 books per week for 2 years = 1,040 books
3 books per day for 1 year = 1,095 books